Our motto for this weekend was "living it up". Why? Because we had a weekend trip planned to Sitges--It's a beach right outside of Barcelona on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. SO EXCITING RIGHT? However, we woke up Saturday to it POURING rain. But that's okay, because I will probably only visit Sitges once in my lifetime..so we made the most of it! :)

We head out Saturday morning around 12:45. We take the metro to downtown Barcelona. Of course, Tayler had to stop at Starbucks to get some coffee. We ended up hanging out at Starbucks for like an hour. It was so nice looking out the big glass window and watching it rain..it really was a beautiful sight!

Finally, we head towards the train station-- I kept saying that we would finally arrive to Sitges at 5:00 LOL. We left at 1:00. It is a 45 minute train ride there.

We make it safe and sound to the train station--first mission accomplished! It is so hard going to new places by foot-- ESP. in the rain! Shew!

We catch the train all the way to Sitges. Let me just tell you--the view from the train-- BEAUTIFUL! We were SOOOO excited and happy once we got here. It reminded me of a little, deserted island. There were not many people here at all (probably because of the weather?) However, we have had people from Barcelona tell us that Sitges is not a touristy area.

So, here comes the adventures. We head towards our apartment (after stopping at a restaurant to get wifi so we could download the map). We walk, and walk, and walk a good 45 minutes. We FINALLY reach the apartments. We get there to read a sign that says we have to check in at the main building and it gave us an address. So--were off on another mission AGAIN!

We have already walked a good mile or so--only to find out we have to walk at LEAST another mile (with our backpacks in the freezing rain) ahhh! After a good hour or so, we finally make it to check in! We explained to lady that we walked all the way to the apartments to find out we had to come to the office first. Oh it was the very last building the small city strip, too!

So she says, take this bus and show the driver--he will take you right there. We pay 2 Euros to get on this bus. We have been on the bus for 30 minutes are we are going the OPPOSITE direction of our hotel. We are SO confused. We asked him, and he said it would be another 30 minutes before he reaches that stop. Really? a ONE HOUR bus ride around a small, SMALL town just to reach our apartment--Negative! So, we get off at a stop and walk back towards our apartment. We are STARVING, TIRED, WET, and GROUCHY at this point--not a good mixture! After 4 hours of walking--we FINALLY made it.

We rest for like 20 minutes then head out to the coast! AHHH! so pretty! We go to a sports bar to catch the ending of the Barca game and to EAT some American food. It was DELICIOUS! There is nothing better then greasy nachos and fried mozzarella sticks.. YUMMY! We hang out for a few hours then head back to the apartment-- in the freezing cold again!

It was a much needed early night for us!!!

Up and at em at 9:00-- we head back to coast at 10:00.. welll, we had good intentions! SUNDAY (TODAY) was even WORSE than yesterday.. we all looked at each other and said, "Let's just go home!"

So we did..off to the train station we go!! We made it back to Barcelona safe and sound! Oh and on the way home, we ate at Hard Rock Cafe! It was DELICIOUS too! Let me tell yah---we have had A LOT of American food this weekend!

I finally arrived home around 2:15ish. I took a two hour nap..then tutored! It has been a nice, rainy, relaxing day!!

I told my family I will probably be sick tomorrow! My body isn't used to walking in this cold, rainy weather for hours!!!

But I mean, how often do people get to see they visited the Mediterranean Sea!! :)

Enjoy the Pics!

Until next time..

Peace, Love, and Rain

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