Hola Amigos! I finally made it to Barcelona, Spain. And let me just say, it is GOREGOUS here! I arrived yesterday morning around 7:00 AM (12:00 at home). We met with our trip advisor Kristin for some tips about staying in the country. After that, we rode a charter bus to the school. Our host families then picked us up at the school. I am so blessed to have a host family that is loving and willing to accept me as their own for 4 weeks. It is a huge honor! Things here are quite different, but livable! We don't eat dinner till about 8:30 or 9:00. As you all know, that is VERY late for me!! Their average bedtime for the kiddos is 11:00 PM. I am slowly adjusting to these times. I keep forgetting to turn the lights off when I leave the room (oops!). I also am trying to take short showers (culture of the Spanish). The food is slowly growing on me. It just isn't as greasy and fattening as it is at home :).
Today I started at Santa Isabel with my fourth grade girls. They are VERY VERY sweet. They do school way different here--it seems to be way more old school then at home. However, the students are very smart and speaking English very well. I was welcomed with lots of drawings the students created. They were hanging on the door as I arrived at school this morning at 9:00 am (LATE--right?). On Wednesdays, I get to leave school at 4:15-- 30 minutes earlier.  School goes from 9:00-4:45. However, we get 2 thirty minute breaks throughout the day, one fifteen minute break, and an hour and 15 minutes for lunch. I am slowlllllly adjusting. After school, my host mom said I would easily find my way back home--she said it was VERRRRRY EASY, but little did she know--veryyyy confusing for me! LOL. I got lost for about an hour and half when I finally called her and said PLEASE come get me. However, I did adventure around and find several nice stores and super markets. When she picked me up, she tried to explain again--we will see how well I make it home tomorrow :). Today Ryan and I are celebrating our 3 year anniversary (over seas, of course). This was quite hard for me-- but I'm making it!!
Next time, I will be posting pics of the city. Right now, I've got to get used to where I am going before I do anything :)
Peace and Love,


04/10/2013 1:06pm

I was thinking about you earlier today and hoping things were going well! Sounds like you're adjusting. Be careful and have fun! Love you xoxo

04/10/2013 2:16pm

I know you will adjust to everything. Don't worry about anything. Everything will just be fine. Enjoy each day you are there. I love you and miss you

04/10/2013 2:48pm

Whats up with the baby stroller? We love you and miss you. Love your blog or whatever you call this thing. Do more tomorrow.Love you

Auntie Shannon Yoder
04/10/2013 3:49pm

Love the drawings. What a great welcome!! I hope and pray that your host family and all of your students will know they are in the presence of an amazing young lady!!

Bridget Richardson
04/11/2013 8:58am

I love you and miss you already. praying for you daily. Love your blog!!! did I mention we loved you :) Hope you are having a great day, I know you are!!

Aunt Debbie
04/12/2013 11:00am

Cant wait to see all the pics. You will adjust, hang in there. I am sure they love you too. Cant wait to hear what you do this weekend, love you


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