Hey friends!

It was such a yucky day today in the beautiful city of Barcelona. I woke up this morning and it just LOOKED cold--ahhH! I was not prepared for this nasty day. We made it to school without getting rained on this morning. However, we were booking it--just in case! The girls were crazy today at school--the teacher said the girls are always worse on "bad" days then on "good" days. I do not understand that? oh well! On the other hand, I was dragging! This weather was getting the best of me. I love walking into class every day and seeing-- "I love Ms. Tayler" all over the blackboard. And of course, I always get welcomed with kisses! So sweet! I only got hit by a futball (soccer ball) ONE time today on the Patio..that is a miracle--let me tell yah! There is always about 4 futbal matches going on during patio time. These boys are CRAZY! Fights, arguing, shouting, you name it..it happens! And the bad thing about it is--this is usual. It kind of scares me! LOL!
mmm.. I have also found my new addiction at school during the morning break--toasted cheese and tomato spread sandwich! It is so delicious. These things are addicting. And its even better that it only cost .70 cents!
I thought I was loosing weight, but OH MY--this bread is addicting!

Today for lunch we went to a bar. I ATE UP some french fries. They were delicious!

After school, I came home and did absolutely nothing because of the weather! I did get some pinterest and etsy time in..I also looked at wedding dresses from a magazine my awesome sister-in-law bought me for the trip!!

Nothing wrong with a little wedding planning in Spain--right?

Tomorrow we are going out to lunch--It is my teachers birthday on Saturday and the student teachers last day is tomorrow! We are going to have a big fiesta! We are reserving a room at a bar near the school. I am so excited! Its so fun to go out with this group of people!

Today, my friends and I were talking during lunch about who is picking us up from the airport. I'm not going to lie--I am so excited for that moment. We said we are going to drop our luggage, and run-- just like in the movies! It is going to be a bitter sweet moment! Only 12 more days here! WOW! TIME FLIES BY!!!

There is just so much more I want to see--I hope the weather cooperates. We are planning on going to a beautiful beach outside of Barcelona this weekend..I hope the rain holds off--If not, it will still be good! Right?? Of course!

Next week we have LOTS of activities planned!!!

Tomorrow is my moms birthday.. I am so sad that I am missing it!! I want to wish her a HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY-- from over seas! May your day be blessed with blessings! MWAH! xoxo!

Until next time--

Love to all..

Miss Tayler

aunt debbie

so glad you are having a good time, sorry about the weather...take a nap...oh yea it is 7:43 at night there oops, go to bed ;) love you

Karen Terry

Taylor I am so excited for you having this experience. I know you have had a wonderful time. Your pictures are amazing. I am a lil jealous:) the city is beautiful. Missed you today at BG. Have a wonderful last few days!!! Safe trip home!!


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