Holy Moly!! I cant believe one week has passed already. My host father said to me earlier, 25% done already, WOW! I said the same thing! Sorry I haven't posted a while.. My body is SLOWLY getting used to saying up till 12 every night--shew! Your talking to a girl who goes to bed at 8:30 at home every night. But now I am adjusting so hopefully I will have more time to blog :). Saturday was a GREAT day. Kenzi, Abby, Kelsey, and I went to Palau Guell. IT WAS FABULOUS! SO much vegetation and history--just GORGEOUS! We spent most of the day there. I'm pretty sure we were there close to 4 hours and didn't even see half of it. It's HUGE! It was very interesting seeing pictures of the place before compared to today. Throughout the adventure, there were lots of vendors, bands, actors, etc. scattered throughout. I cant even put into words the experience we participated in! Oh yeah, on the way up-- I thought I was going to DIE! The hill was like climbing a mountain. I tell you what-- If I don't lose weight while I'm here, its going to be a miracle. Oh wait-- Maybe I should stop drinking Coca-Cola :-/. Its just SO good and gives me some energy. I stay EXHAUSTED from all the adventures. Saturday afternoon around 4:00, I arrived home. I tried to take a "siesta".. MMM not happening! I dont know why I can not take naps here? So strange! Any who, afterwards we met up again and went downtown. Had some Starbucks, visited a few shops, and walked to the port. Of course, it was BEAUTIFUL! I am excited to go back tomorrow to get pictures during the day time. On the way to the port, there were lots of beautiful buildings, monuments, churches, etc. The girls and I had some wine then we headed home.
Okay, Sunday--
I woke up at ELEVEN O'CLOCK! OMG! I have not slept that long since I dont know when. However, when I woke up, the family was STILL asleep. I was loving it :). I did a whole lot of nothing on Sunday and it was so nice! We went and ate a lunch with another family from the school. I then came home and tutored the kiddos and once again, tried to take a nap-- just not happening! I then enjoyed a walk around the city for about 2 hours then came home! LAZYYYY DAYYY!
OH MY! It was SO hard waking up for school. My alarm clock keeps getting pushed back-oh well! The walk to school was FABULOUS! I could not ask for better weather. I think I am slowly getting used to walking fast around the city. I actually kept up with the kids today! :) After school, the girls and I met up at the coffee shop. We mapped out the rest of our trip! This took forever! THERE IS JUST SO MANY PLACES TO SEE, SO LITTLE TIME! It is true--4 weeks is just too short to see so many beautiful things-- JUST within the city of Barcelona. This made me very happy! I love knowing what I'm doing on "this" day. We have a plan to do "tourist" things from 5-8 than come home and spend time with our families.
Tuesday (today)--
Once again, it was another beautiful day in the city. I only took my cardigan off 3 times I think--that is not a lot compared to usual. The girls and I enjoyed our lunch at a famous bar and grill-- Tomas. I had chicken, potatoes (what they are known for), and eggs. Very strange combination but very good! Of course, I had to have a coke to go along with it! The potatoes had a mayo sauce on them! After school,we went downtown to the Ingles store. IT WAS HUGE! The Spanish compare it to a big Macy's. It even had a supermarket in it! Then we headed to H&M! I was SO HAPPY! I have never been!! It was 3 or 4 floors! VERY NICE!! I had to get a little retail therapy! I'm feeling good now! I mean how can you pass up pants for10 Euros!
TIme sure does fly by when your having fun!
Tonight for dinner we had salad, mushroom soup, cinnamon toast, and some kind of raw meat? Guess what I ate-- Salad and cinnamon toast! I am taking lots of risks here by trying new things! I just couldn't tonight! I def. will tomorrow!!!
Tomorrow we are heading down to the port to take pictures! SO EXCITED!

Until then-- ADIOS mi amigos!

I am posting some pics from Palau Guell and some just of the city!

I am hoping I can post ONE more time before I head to Rome Thursday night!!

Good Night


I love reading your post! sounds like your having a blast!! dont forget to go to Paris and get some awesome pictures :)

Donald Bibb

Glad ur having fun

Sara Travis

Love reqding

Kelsey K

It is fun to keep up with your blog posts. I'm glad you are having a good time! Loves ya! :)


Loved reading your blog. Make sure you go to the Zoo in Barcelona. Kenny went there when he was in the Navy. Said it's a great Zoo. Take care!


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