It is beginning to seem so surreal that I am packing up and heading out for 4 weeks. I am finally ALMOST packed and ready to go. I feel like I am forgetting something really important though. Hummm.. I guess we will see! I am not a very good packer as it is. I am for sure by the end of this trip I will be a pro at squeezing as much stuff in a suit case as possible. I head out to Nashville on Monday 7:30 AM. My flight takes off at 12:20 PM. I know I will be nervous but yet SO excited. Prayers would be greatly appreciated for this 22 hour adventure (including time changes), 
Stay tuned for my next post from Barcelona, Spain! Who knows, I might come back a different woman (if I come back-hehe). Adios Amigos!

Samantha Carwile
4/7/2013 15:31:35

So proud of you Tayler!! You are going to have so much fun! Soak up every single bit of it!! Be careful and you are in my prayers! Love you!!!! :)

Courtney Wise
4/8/2013 18:18:23

Have a great time!!! Write everything u see and do down!!! Xo Courtney

Debbie Aldridge (aunt debbie)
4/10/2013 19:56:22

heard we were over by 1/2 pound dang... we tried. must of been the flip flops we added. love you

Andrea Taylor
4/12/2013 06:05:58

I'm crying like a baby as I read your post! I miss you!! I know you're having the time of your life! Been praying double for you at night!;) love you!


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