ahh! I feel like its been FOREVER since I've posted. I never knew how long it took to post a blog entry. I have to find time in my busy schedule to do so!!

Wednesday-- We were out of school on Wednesday. They were celebrating Labor Day. Thank goodness the rain cleared up! It was a BEAUTIFUL/ LONG day! We head out at 8 am to the Sagrada Familia-- not sure if you have heard about this place--but let me tell you AMAZING! Thanks to my friends--I learned this temple/church is ALWAYS under construction. They are continuing to add new features to this amazing building. We took about a 2 hour tour. The stained glass windows were gorgeous! Pictures don't even do justice! The columns inside were like trees..they went to the very top of the vaulted ceiling and then spread out like branches! Its so interesting hearing and reading about the ideas Gaudi implemented with all of his works!! See the pictures below!

After the Sagrada Familia, we head to the gothic part of town! It is the oldest section of Barcelona! It was filled with old, beautiful buildings! Check out the Cathedral de Barcelona--Beautiful aye??


Thursday I woke up with a really sore throat-- I KNEW I would get sick before I got home--it never fails. And the weather here--is almost as bad as Kentuckys (okay--maybe not AS bad). But, Last week it was warm, this past week it was cool and rained and its just messing with my body!!
Any ways, my day started off by walking 30 minutes to church with all of the 4th grade (about 90 students). They enjoyed a 40ish minute church service then we walked back 30 minutes! Not to often do you hear of students walking on a "field trip". It was quite interesting and adventurous!
Thursday after school we set out on an adventure to reach the top of Mount Tibidado. A beautiful mountain located in Barcelona. We make it to the right "area". We head up the mountain walking and walking and WALKING! Shew--it was rough! We were in search of the lift that took you to the top! We couldn't find it ANYWHERE until we were on our way home! We saw the station to buy tickets--so disappointing! I told the girls we sure did get our exercise though! It was good on the body! I then returned home to tutor! We had homemade pizza last night! It was good!! Cheese, eggs (weird I know), and tomatoes.
I tried to go to bed earlyyy--but of course it didn't happen. This congestion, headache, sore throat, fever, achy body, you name it--is for the birds!!!


AHH! I woke up feeling worse! But I head to school anyways! We started off school with a one hour mass in the church (at school). It was so interesting to see the set up. Of course I didn't understand anything, but hey it was neat! After mass, I went home! I was feeling so awful!!! But I came home and took a nap! And I have been resting for hours now! Thanks to my good friend Abby for bringing me medicine to school today! Hopefully this medicine will kick in and ill be feeling like a champion! I hope so because tonight we head to the airport to stay the night! Were heading to PARIS tomorrow morning at 6 AM! It is going to be quite interesting to say the least. I have never "slept" at the airport! We will see how it goes!!!

Cant wait to share my experience in Paris with you all!!!

Prayers for a quick recovery over this silly sinus infection!!

Peace, Love, Parissssss


Ms. Tayler   :)
Claudette Martin
5/3/2013 04:44:29

You are so amazing TAYLER

Bridget Richardson
5/4/2013 05:29:46

Love you!!! See you in 5 days!!!

Lisa Evans
5/10/2013 02:57:18

I've been to the "unfinished church" as well. We will have to compare pics when you get home! Take care!


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