Hiiii Amigas!! I am slowly starting to feel more comfortable with the city of Barcelona. Everybody here just seems so friendly-- and always on the go (they walk VERY VERY fast). My legs are killing me!! I told my mom that hopefully I will come home 10 pounds lighter with all this walking and organic foods! It is so good for me. I walk to and from school every morning and usually take walks during breaks or after school. Thursday was a good day! The weather was PERFECTO! After school I went out with a few WKU students to eat and shop. It was quite an adventure. The restaurants here do not open until 8:00 ((OMG!! THATS MY BED TIME AT HOME)). I did not get home Thursday night till around 10:00 (which is right after dinner here). I had a hard time waking up this morning (Friday). As I was leaving this morning, my host mom said I looked very "American". I had on a green, cotton, t-shirt dress from Old Navy? I smiled and said yessss-- she said we don't wear a lot of colors here--very boring! No wonder why people stared at me all day today :)-- Oh well, there's nothing wrong with tourists right?
On my 45 minute break, Kelsey, Abby, Kenzi and I went to the coffee shop very close to school. It was SO good. Today was the first day I had coffee here, and it is def not goint to be the last! It was very good!! See the pic below :)
Abby, Kenzi, and I went out for lunch today. We ate at a little bar-- it was pretty good and reasonably priced. I ate a fuechta? (hotdog). We than stopped at the chocolate box-- MMMMMM! I didn't order anything but HAD to take a bite!! AHHH-- and of course I feel more better now that Coca Cola is big here too! :) It was such a BEAUTIFUL day today. I sat outside with the girls today during patio time (recess). The girls were so excited to show me their sticker books (see pics below). They also said-- take photo wit me! So of course, I couldn't pass that up!! You will also see a pic of their patio time. It is very crazy! There are A TON of students out there at once and soccer balls going every where!! I think next week I will wear a helmet outside-- hehe! They seem to have no worries though!! When I got home, I tutored the son of my host family Pablo--he is 11. He told me stories about the diary of a wimpy kid in English. He's so smart and very fluent in English. He makes fun of my "Kentucky accent" as he calls it!! Helena (the 13 year old daughter) will be home Sunday from Madrid. I am excited to spend some time with her! We are now getting ready to have dinner with the neighbors. Tomorrow is going to be a fun, exhausting day! The girls and I are headed out on a bus tour and to do a little shopping around the town! SO EXCITING! Pics coming soon! Sunday we are going to visit a few historical places as well.
Peace and Love!

This is my friend Andrea-- as they say here On-Dray-Uh! I told her that I would remember her name very quickly because my best friend is named Andrea. She said oh please call me that name! She was so excited! :) These girls are beautiful!
Andrea Taylor
4/12/2013 06:03:59 am

Aww!!:) how sweet!!! Tell Andrea I said hi!;)

Bridget Richardson
4/12/2013 06:10:19 am

What a fun day! have a great weekend!! love you!!
p.s. love the pics..keep them coming!

4/12/2013 08:12:59 am

I'm glad you are feeling more at ease. I love hearing about all of the exciting things you are experiencing. Love love love the pics! Love ya and miss you!

4/12/2013 08:17:26 am

Glad you're having a good time! Love the pictures they are adorable. Tú eres bonita. :)

4/12/2013 11:28:46 pm

Love the blog - so glad you are having a great time - keep us posted - we love the pics!

Lisa Evans
4/16/2013 12:46:43 am

Love seeing the posts about your adventure & am praying for you! Take care.


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