ahh! I feel like its been FOREVER since I've posted. I never knew how long it took to post a blog entry. I have to find time in my busy schedule to do so!!

Wednesday-- We were out of school on Wednesday. They were celebrating Labor Day. Thank goodness the rain cleared up! It was a BEAUTIFUL/ LONG day! We head out at 8 am to the Sagrada Familia-- not sure if you have heard about this place--but let me tell you AMAZING! Thanks to my friends--I learned this temple/church is ALWAYS under construction. They are continuing to add new features to this amazing building. We took about a 2 hour tour. The stained glass windows were gorgeous! Pictures don't even do justice! The columns inside were like trees..they went to the very top of the vaulted ceiling and then spread out like branches! Its so interesting hearing and reading about the ideas Gaudi implemented with all of his works!! See the pictures below!

After the Sagrada Familia, we head to the gothic part of town! It is the oldest section of Barcelona! It was filled with old, beautiful buildings! Check out the Cathedral de Barcelona--Beautiful aye??


Thursday I woke up with a really sore throat-- I KNEW I would get sick before I got home--it never fails. And the weather here--is almost as bad as Kentuckys (okay--maybe not AS bad). But, Last week it was warm, this past week it was cool and rained and its just messing with my body!!
Any ways, my day started off by walking 30 minutes to church with all of the 4th grade (about 90 students). They enjoyed a 40ish minute church service then we walked back 30 minutes! Not to often do you hear of students walking on a "field trip". It was quite interesting and adventurous!
Thursday after school we set out on an adventure to reach the top of Mount Tibidado. A beautiful mountain located in Barcelona. We make it to the right "area". We head up the mountain walking and walking and WALKING! Shew--it was rough! We were in search of the lift that took you to the top! We couldn't find it ANYWHERE until we were on our way home! We saw the station to buy tickets--so disappointing! I told the girls we sure did get our exercise though! It was good on the body! I then returned home to tutor! We had homemade pizza last night! It was good!! Cheese, eggs (weird I know), and tomatoes.
I tried to go to bed earlyyy--but of course it didn't happen. This congestion, headache, sore throat, fever, achy body, you name it--is for the birds!!!


AHH! I woke up feeling worse! But I head to school anyways! We started off school with a one hour mass in the church (at school). It was so interesting to see the set up. Of course I didn't understand anything, but hey it was neat! After mass, I went home! I was feeling so awful!!! But I came home and took a nap! And I have been resting for hours now! Thanks to my good friend Abby for bringing me medicine to school today! Hopefully this medicine will kick in and ill be feeling like a champion! I hope so because tonight we head to the airport to stay the night! Were heading to PARIS tomorrow morning at 6 AM! It is going to be quite interesting to say the least. I have never "slept" at the airport! We will see how it goes!!!

Cant wait to share my experience in Paris with you all!!!

Prayers for a quick recovery over this silly sinus infection!!

Peace, Love, Parissssss


Ms. Tayler   :)
Our motto for this weekend was "living it up". Why? Because we had a weekend trip planned to Sitges--It's a beach right outside of Barcelona on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. SO EXCITING RIGHT? However, we woke up Saturday to it POURING rain. But that's okay, because I will probably only visit Sitges once in my lifetime..so we made the most of it! :)

We head out Saturday morning around 12:45. We take the metro to downtown Barcelona. Of course, Tayler had to stop at Starbucks to get some coffee. We ended up hanging out at Starbucks for like an hour. It was so nice looking out the big glass window and watching it rain..it really was a beautiful sight!

Finally, we head towards the train station-- I kept saying that we would finally arrive to Sitges at 5:00 LOL. We left at 1:00. It is a 45 minute train ride there.

We make it safe and sound to the train station--first mission accomplished! It is so hard going to new places by foot-- ESP. in the rain! Shew!

We catch the train all the way to Sitges. Let me just tell you--the view from the train-- BEAUTIFUL! We were SOOOO excited and happy once we got here. It reminded me of a little, deserted island. There were not many people here at all (probably because of the weather?) However, we have had people from Barcelona tell us that Sitges is not a touristy area.

So, here comes the adventures. We head towards our apartment (after stopping at a restaurant to get wifi so we could download the map). We walk, and walk, and walk a good 45 minutes. We FINALLY reach the apartments. We get there to read a sign that says we have to check in at the main building and it gave us an address. So--were off on another mission AGAIN!

We have already walked a good mile or so--only to find out we have to walk at LEAST another mile (with our backpacks in the freezing rain) ahhh! After a good hour or so, we finally make it to check in! We explained to lady that we walked all the way to the apartments to find out we had to come to the office first. Oh it was the very last building the small city strip, too!

So she says, take this bus and show the driver--he will take you right there. We pay 2 Euros to get on this bus. We have been on the bus for 30 minutes are we are going the OPPOSITE direction of our hotel. We are SO confused. We asked him, and he said it would be another 30 minutes before he reaches that stop. Really? a ONE HOUR bus ride around a small, SMALL town just to reach our apartment--Negative! So, we get off at a stop and walk back towards our apartment. We are STARVING, TIRED, WET, and GROUCHY at this point--not a good mixture! After 4 hours of walking--we FINALLY made it.

We rest for like 20 minutes then head out to the coast! AHHH! so pretty! We go to a sports bar to catch the ending of the Barca game and to EAT some American food. It was DELICIOUS! There is nothing better then greasy nachos and fried mozzarella sticks.. YUMMY! We hang out for a few hours then head back to the apartment-- in the freezing cold again!

It was a much needed early night for us!!!

Up and at em at 9:00-- we head back to coast at 10:00.. welll, we had good intentions! SUNDAY (TODAY) was even WORSE than yesterday.. we all looked at each other and said, "Let's just go home!"

So we did..off to the train station we go!! We made it back to Barcelona safe and sound! Oh and on the way home, we ate at Hard Rock Cafe! It was DELICIOUS too! Let me tell yah---we have had A LOT of American food this weekend!

I finally arrived home around 2:15ish. I took a two hour nap..then tutored! It has been a nice, rainy, relaxing day!!

I told my family I will probably be sick tomorrow! My body isn't used to walking in this cold, rainy weather for hours!!!

But I mean, how often do people get to see they visited the Mediterranean Sea!! :)

Enjoy the Pics!

Until next time..

Peace, Love, and Rain

Hey friends!

It was such a yucky day today in the beautiful city of Barcelona. I woke up this morning and it just LOOKED cold--ahhH! I was not prepared for this nasty day. We made it to school without getting rained on this morning. However, we were booking it--just in case! The girls were crazy today at school--the teacher said the girls are always worse on "bad" days then on "good" days. I do not understand that? oh well! On the other hand, I was dragging! This weather was getting the best of me. I love walking into class every day and seeing-- "I love Ms. Tayler" all over the blackboard. And of course, I always get welcomed with kisses! So sweet! I only got hit by a futball (soccer ball) ONE time today on the Patio..that is a miracle--let me tell yah! There is always about 4 futbal matches going on during patio time. These boys are CRAZY! Fights, arguing, shouting, you name it..it happens! And the bad thing about it is--this is usual. It kind of scares me! LOL!
mmm.. I have also found my new addiction at school during the morning break--toasted cheese and tomato spread sandwich! It is so delicious. These things are addicting. And its even better that it only cost .70 cents!
I thought I was loosing weight, but OH MY--this bread is addicting!

Today for lunch we went to a bar. I ATE UP some french fries. They were delicious!

After school, I came home and did absolutely nothing because of the weather! I did get some pinterest and etsy time in..I also looked at wedding dresses from a magazine my awesome sister-in-law bought me for the trip!!

Nothing wrong with a little wedding planning in Spain--right?

Tomorrow we are going out to lunch--It is my teachers birthday on Saturday and the student teachers last day is tomorrow! We are going to have a big fiesta! We are reserving a room at a bar near the school. I am so excited! Its so fun to go out with this group of people!

Today, my friends and I were talking during lunch about who is picking us up from the airport. I'm not going to lie--I am so excited for that moment. We said we are going to drop our luggage, and run-- just like in the movies! It is going to be a bitter sweet moment! Only 12 more days here! WOW! TIME FLIES BY!!!

There is just so much more I want to see--I hope the weather cooperates. We are planning on going to a beautiful beach outside of Barcelona this weekend..I hope the rain holds off--If not, it will still be good! Right?? Of course!

Next week we have LOTS of activities planned!!!

Tomorrow is my moms birthday.. I am so sad that I am missing it!! I want to wish her a HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY-- from over seas! May your day be blessed with blessings! MWAH! xoxo!

Until next time--

Love to all..

Miss Tayler

Chow my friends!

Over the weekend I visited Rome as most of you know! I will tell you-- UNBELIEVABLE! Words can not even describe this place. Kelsey and I headed out Thursday around 3:00. We landed in Roma around 9ish, had dinner, and went to the hostel. It was such a LONG day shew! We woke up the next morning to head to the Vatican tour! It started at 9 am-- bright and early. We had a coffee right in front of the museum. I could just sit and stare at the entrance all day long. It was amazing to me to see the trees on top of the building? Take a look below! I was SO excited to begin our tour! We started with the Vatican Museum. It was FABULOUS! Soooo much talent, history, and artwork was displayed within the HUGE museum. I feel like we walked for MILES just in that section of the Vatican. There were sculptures, paintings on the walls, ceilings, floors, frescos (a painting on a piece of cloth), everything you can imagine PLUS more. I never realized how IMPORTANT history was within this city. So much biblical context within- its unreal. Below I will post a few pictures from some famous paintings, paintings on the ceilings, and some famous sculptures. Our tour guide explained A LOT about some paintings and this history of some artwork--so interesting.. I learned SOO much! After the museum we head to the Sistine Chapel. Talk about AMAZING! I can not even put into words this artwork. I never realized how beautiful and detailed these paintings are. I learned about all the paintings on the ceilings--they all follow a different story within history. For example: Jonah and the fish (whale), the creation of Adam and Eve, etc. Did you know all those stories existed within the paintings of the Sistine Chapel?  I didn't-- maybe I should of listened more in history class-ha-ha! But let me tell you, the stories behind this 4 year master piece is unreal. We were not allowed to take pictures. We even had to remain silent while in the chapel-- it made it feel so real. Its such a holy place. And what's even more interesting, is how in the world is this place still standing with the SAME artwork from centuries ago? Very fascinating to me. I cant wait to explain all the stories of the paintings within this room to you all-- I feel SO smart :)
After the chapel, we visited St. Peter's Basilica. I thought this tour could not get ANY better until I walked into this AMAZING place. HOLY MOLY! This church is UNBELIEVABLE. I wish I could put into words this place. Sculptures, paintings, columns, etc. It is just FILLED with history and artwork by many FAMOUS people of the renaissance. There are hundreds of popes buried there, even St. Peter. I mean I had no idea St. Peter and St, Paul were so famous in this city. The Basilica was HUGE! The famous virgin Mary and baby Jesus sculpture is also inside. There was a holy door that only opens ONE time per year--so interesting. I mean can you imagine having church in this place? I will post a few pictures below.
And of course, the outside.. As you can imagine this place is HUGE. Even though it is the smallest city in the world. Check out the AMAZING building. It is just unbelievable to me that these places still exist.

We then head back to the hostel to meet up with Kenzi and Abby. Kelsey and I are ITCHING for a nap so bad. All of this walking just beats us. We had a night tour at 5:30--we visited several famous places--the Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, famous churches, etc. It was so nice to walk around Rome and see such famous and old architect within the city. My favorite of these places was the Trevi Fountain--BEAUTIFUL! THis was one of my favorite places in Rome. Of course, we tossed a coin in the fountain--its a tradition. I had to do a panorama shot of the fountain because it is so huge!

We then went out to dinner and hit the hay!!


We get up early and head out for the bus tour! It went to several different places.. I cant even remember the names of all the places! Any who, we saw SO many famous places-- the castle de Sant Angelo! THIS BUILDING WAS HUGE! I could not even fit it in one picture. It was surround by the river. Along the river were LOTS of sculptures! AMAZING!
We then got off the bus at the Colosseum. Once again-- I can not describe how amazing this archetecture was. Of course, not all of it still standing.. but there is enough to understand how huge and beautiful this place was. It could hold 50,000-70,000 people. Can imagine that many people coming to watch fights and glory back in the day? They had an underground cage where they stored lots of their animals. It was made up of 4 floors-- all of which had seats surrounded the oval stadium. As you can tell in the picture below, they restored half of the area for tourists to imagine what it looked it. :)

Next we headed to the Palatine Hill-- One 7 of Rome's famous Hills! The hill has a strong link with Roman Mythology. Augustus, Cicero, and Marc Antony (Marcus Antonius) all had homes on the hill. Later, emperors built their domains here and, at one point, the entire hill was covered with imperial palaces. It was fabulous walking through homes of such famous history people. There was a beautiful garden, water fountain located within the Palatine Hill. Once you reached the top, you could see a BEAUTIFUL view of the city.  mmmmm! FABULOUS!

We then hopped back onto the bus to head to the famous government building of Rome. It was HUGE. There were hundreds of white steps leading up to the building--fancy I know! We then stopped to have lunch at an Italian restaurant! The food here is SO GOOD--let me tell yah! You know Pasta and Pizza are my favorite foods. I'm in heaven! The wind was a little chilly! We started to get cold-- but this city was just so beautiful we sucked it up for a little bit longer. We got off the bus and took a much needed LONG nap. It was such a long, exciting day! We woke up and ate dinner!!

Sunday-- we slept in till 9 AM! It was FABULOUS! Check out was at 10:00. Therefore, we carried our backpacks ALL day long as we visited a few more places before we head back to Barcelona. We went started out at Plazza de Popolo. We ended up at the castle again. We just sat by the river and enjoyed the beauty. We also walked down to the Vatican one more time. We were so sad because we had JUST missed the Pope coming out to speak :(. You should of seen all the people! WHEW! Incredible! We then visit a few markets on the streets and head back to eat at a fabulous place! It was the best by far! The lasagna was to die for! mmm! We then head back to the bus station to eat some ghellato! Then off to the airport we go! We waited there for about 2.5 hours. We finally landed back in Barcelona around 10:30. I got home about 12:15.

Such a LONG, FUN, EXCITING, INTERESTING, FABULOUS, UNBELIEVABLE experience! I wish I could post all 400 of my pictures! Here are just a few! Enjoy amigos!

Peace, love, travel :)



Vatican Museum
Statue outside in the court yard
St Peters Basilica-- and below!  
The Colosseum
The famous "School of Athens"
Trevi Fountain-- BEAUTIFUL!
Castle de Sant' Angelo
Holy Moly!! I cant believe one week has passed already. My host father said to me earlier, 25% done already, WOW! I said the same thing! Sorry I haven't posted a while.. My body is SLOWLY getting used to saying up till 12 every night--shew! Your talking to a girl who goes to bed at 8:30 at home every night. But now I am adjusting so hopefully I will have more time to blog :). Saturday was a GREAT day. Kenzi, Abby, Kelsey, and I went to Palau Guell. IT WAS FABULOUS! SO much vegetation and history--just GORGEOUS! We spent most of the day there. I'm pretty sure we were there close to 4 hours and didn't even see half of it. It's HUGE! It was very interesting seeing pictures of the place before compared to today. Throughout the adventure, there were lots of vendors, bands, actors, etc. scattered throughout. I cant even put into words the experience we participated in! Oh yeah, on the way up-- I thought I was going to DIE! The hill was like climbing a mountain. I tell you what-- If I don't lose weight while I'm here, its going to be a miracle. Oh wait-- Maybe I should stop drinking Coca-Cola :-/. Its just SO good and gives me some energy. I stay EXHAUSTED from all the adventures. Saturday afternoon around 4:00, I arrived home. I tried to take a "siesta".. MMM not happening! I dont know why I can not take naps here? So strange! Any who, afterwards we met up again and went downtown. Had some Starbucks, visited a few shops, and walked to the port. Of course, it was BEAUTIFUL! I am excited to go back tomorrow to get pictures during the day time. On the way to the port, there were lots of beautiful buildings, monuments, churches, etc. The girls and I had some wine then we headed home.
Okay, Sunday--
I woke up at ELEVEN O'CLOCK! OMG! I have not slept that long since I dont know when. However, when I woke up, the family was STILL asleep. I was loving it :). I did a whole lot of nothing on Sunday and it was so nice! We went and ate a lunch with another family from the school. I then came home and tutored the kiddos and once again, tried to take a nap-- just not happening! I then enjoyed a walk around the city for about 2 hours then came home! LAZYYYY DAYYY!
OH MY! It was SO hard waking up for school. My alarm clock keeps getting pushed back-oh well! The walk to school was FABULOUS! I could not ask for better weather. I think I am slowly getting used to walking fast around the city. I actually kept up with the kids today! :) After school, the girls and I met up at the coffee shop. We mapped out the rest of our trip! This took forever! THERE IS JUST SO MANY PLACES TO SEE, SO LITTLE TIME! It is true--4 weeks is just too short to see so many beautiful things-- JUST within the city of Barcelona. This made me very happy! I love knowing what I'm doing on "this" day. We have a plan to do "tourist" things from 5-8 than come home and spend time with our families.
Tuesday (today)--
Once again, it was another beautiful day in the city. I only took my cardigan off 3 times I think--that is not a lot compared to usual. The girls and I enjoyed our lunch at a famous bar and grill-- Tomas. I had chicken, potatoes (what they are known for), and eggs. Very strange combination but very good! Of course, I had to have a coke to go along with it! The potatoes had a mayo sauce on them! After school,we went downtown to the Ingles store. IT WAS HUGE! The Spanish compare it to a big Macy's. It even had a supermarket in it! Then we headed to H&M! I was SO HAPPY! I have never been!! It was 3 or 4 floors! VERY NICE!! I had to get a little retail therapy! I'm feeling good now! I mean how can you pass up pants for10 Euros!
TIme sure does fly by when your having fun!
Tonight for dinner we had salad, mushroom soup, cinnamon toast, and some kind of raw meat? Guess what I ate-- Salad and cinnamon toast! I am taking lots of risks here by trying new things! I just couldn't tonight! I def. will tomorrow!!!
Tomorrow we are heading down to the port to take pictures! SO EXCITED!

Until then-- ADIOS mi amigos!

I am posting some pics from Palau Guell and some just of the city!

I am hoping I can post ONE more time before I head to Rome Thursday night!!

Good Night

Hiiii Amigas!! I am slowly starting to feel more comfortable with the city of Barcelona. Everybody here just seems so friendly-- and always on the go (they walk VERY VERY fast). My legs are killing me!! I told my mom that hopefully I will come home 10 pounds lighter with all this walking and organic foods! It is so good for me. I walk to and from school every morning and usually take walks during breaks or after school. Thursday was a good day! The weather was PERFECTO! After school I went out with a few WKU students to eat and shop. It was quite an adventure. The restaurants here do not open until 8:00 ((OMG!! THATS MY BED TIME AT HOME)). I did not get home Thursday night till around 10:00 (which is right after dinner here). I had a hard time waking up this morning (Friday). As I was leaving this morning, my host mom said I looked very "American". I had on a green, cotton, t-shirt dress from Old Navy? I smiled and said yessss-- she said we don't wear a lot of colors here--very boring! No wonder why people stared at me all day today :)-- Oh well, there's nothing wrong with tourists right?
On my 45 minute break, Kelsey, Abby, Kenzi and I went to the coffee shop very close to school. It was SO good. Today was the first day I had coffee here, and it is def not goint to be the last! It was very good!! See the pic below :)
Abby, Kenzi, and I went out for lunch today. We ate at a little bar-- it was pretty good and reasonably priced. I ate a fuechta? (hotdog). We than stopped at the chocolate box-- MMMMMM! I didn't order anything but HAD to take a bite!! AHHH-- and of course I feel more better now that Coca Cola is big here too! :) It was such a BEAUTIFUL day today. I sat outside with the girls today during patio time (recess). The girls were so excited to show me their sticker books (see pics below). They also said-- take photo wit me! So of course, I couldn't pass that up!! You will also see a pic of their patio time. It is very crazy! There are A TON of students out there at once and soccer balls going every where!! I think next week I will wear a helmet outside-- hehe! They seem to have no worries though!! When I got home, I tutored the son of my host family Pablo--he is 11. He told me stories about the diary of a wimpy kid in English. He's so smart and very fluent in English. He makes fun of my "Kentucky accent" as he calls it!! Helena (the 13 year old daughter) will be home Sunday from Madrid. I am excited to spend some time with her! We are now getting ready to have dinner with the neighbors. Tomorrow is going to be a fun, exhausting day! The girls and I are headed out on a bus tour and to do a little shopping around the town! SO EXCITING! Pics coming soon! Sunday we are going to visit a few historical places as well.
Peace and Love!

This is my friend Andrea-- as they say here On-Dray-Uh! I told her that I would remember her name very quickly because my best friend is named Andrea. She said oh please call me that name! She was so excited! :) These girls are beautiful!
Hola Amigos! I finally made it to Barcelona, Spain. And let me just say, it is GOREGOUS here! I arrived yesterday morning around 7:00 AM (12:00 at home). We met with our trip advisor Kristin for some tips about staying in the country. After that, we rode a charter bus to the school. Our host families then picked us up at the school. I am so blessed to have a host family that is loving and willing to accept me as their own for 4 weeks. It is a huge honor! Things here are quite different, but livable! We don't eat dinner till about 8:30 or 9:00. As you all know, that is VERY late for me!! Their average bedtime for the kiddos is 11:00 PM. I am slowly adjusting to these times. I keep forgetting to turn the lights off when I leave the room (oops!). I also am trying to take short showers (culture of the Spanish). The food is slowly growing on me. It just isn't as greasy and fattening as it is at home :).
Today I started at Santa Isabel with my fourth grade girls. They are VERY VERY sweet. They do school way different here--it seems to be way more old school then at home. However, the students are very smart and speaking English very well. I was welcomed with lots of drawings the students created. They were hanging on the door as I arrived at school this morning at 9:00 am (LATE--right?). On Wednesdays, I get to leave school at 4:15-- 30 minutes earlier.  School goes from 9:00-4:45. However, we get 2 thirty minute breaks throughout the day, one fifteen minute break, and an hour and 15 minutes for lunch. I am slowlllllly adjusting. After school, my host mom said I would easily find my way back home--she said it was VERRRRRY EASY, but little did she know--veryyyy confusing for me! LOL. I got lost for about an hour and half when I finally called her and said PLEASE come get me. However, I did adventure around and find several nice stores and super markets. When she picked me up, she tried to explain again--we will see how well I make it home tomorrow :). Today Ryan and I are celebrating our 3 year anniversary (over seas, of course). This was quite hard for me-- but I'm making it!!
Next time, I will be posting pics of the city. Right now, I've got to get used to where I am going before I do anything :)
Peace and Love,

It is beginning to seem so surreal that I am packing up and heading out for 4 weeks. I am finally ALMOST packed and ready to go. I feel like I am forgetting something really important though. Hummm.. I guess we will see! I am not a very good packer as it is. I am for sure by the end of this trip I will be a pro at squeezing as much stuff in a suit case as possible. I head out to Nashville on Monday 7:30 AM. My flight takes off at 12:20 PM. I know I will be nervous but yet SO excited. Prayers would be greatly appreciated for this 22 hour adventure (including time changes), 
Stay tuned for my next post from Barcelona, Spain! Who knows, I might come back a different woman (if I come back-hehe). Adios Amigos!